Taper Lock Bushing Dimensions Bush Taper Bushes Taper Lock Bush



Taper Bushings Specification:

Bushing No. Bore
1210 1215
1610 1615
2012 2017
2517 2525
3020 3030
3525 3535
4030 4040
4535 4545
5040 5050

Mainly used in the mining, metallurgical, cement, chemicals,construction, buiding materials,
electric power, telecommunictions, textiles, and transportation departments.
Such as:
1. conveyor: Belt conveyor, AFC conveyor, chain conveyor, screw conveyor.
2. Pum: Water pump, oil pump, slush pump, etc.
3. Fan: Draft fan, fanner, boil fan, etc.
4. Excator: bucket excavator bucket, wheel excavators.
5. Crane: Tower crane, gantry crane, bridge crane.
6. Others: Various elevators, coal plows, ball mills, crushers, and recreation machines.
7. Blender equipment, centrifuge, washer, leather-making machine, and recreation park mixer wire drawing machine.Extruder, dregs crusher of the boiler.
8. Plastic feeder, rubber smelling machine, etc.

Main Products:
1. Timing Belt Pulley (Synchronous Pulley), Timing Bar, Clamping Plate;
2. Forging, Casting, Stamping Part;
3. V Belt Pulley and Taper Lock Bush; Sprocket, Idler and Plate Wheel; Spur Gear, Bevel Gear, Rack;
4. Shaft Locking Device: could be an alternative for Ringfeder, Sati, Chiaravalli, Tollok, etc.;
5. Shaft Coupling: including Miniature couplings, Curved tooth coupling, Chain coupling, HRC coupling, Normex coupling, Type coupling, GE Coupling, torque limiter, Universal Joint;
6. Shaft Collars: including Setscrew Type, Single Split, and Double Splits;
7. Gear & Rack: Spur gear/rack, bevel gear, helical gear/rack
8. Other customized Machining Parts according to drawings (OEM).