Cast Iron Qd Taper Bushing Sheaves Bolt On Hubs Tapered Adapter Bushes Steel Split Taper Qd Bushing



Feature:1. The simple design allows for easy maintenance; it is a simple easy-on, easy-off process.

2. Machined to high precise tolerance

3. A full range of both metric and imperial sizes taper bushes are available

4. Complete short reach range available for compact, lightweight assemblies

QD Bushing

1. Model:H/JA/SH/SDS/SD/SK/SF/E/F/J/M/N/P/W/S,orG/H/P1/P2/P3/B/Q1/Q2/Q3/R1/R2/S1/S2/U0/U1/U2/W1/W2/Y0

2. Material: Cast iron GG25/steel;

3. Surface treatment: Blank/phosphate/black finished